Standley Park Pavilion


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What Makes a Neighborhood Great?

“The Great Neighborhood Book” by Jay Walljasper and the Project for Public Spaces describes the concept of “Placemaking” as the notion that great communities have places within the neighborhood where people can go to relax, have fun and see one another.  It goes on to say that one of the key characteristics of community “places” is that they promote sociability.  “These are the spots where you run into people you know, where you take friends and family when you want to show them the neighborhood. These places become the heart and soul of the neighborhood because they offer people many different reasons to go there”.  They go on to say that great “places” are also accessible and attractive, and facilitate activities that bring people together.  We have an extraordinary opportunity to create such a place in University City.

The Great Neighborhood called University City

University City (UC) is an active community of 56,000 people bordered by La Jolla on the west, State Route 52 on the south, and Interstate 805 on the east.  It is truly a “Great Neighborhood” within America’s finest city, due in large part to the generosity of its residents who supported the construction of Standley Park Recreation Center and Swanson Pool in the early 1970’s.

The Park is ideally located in the center of South UC and is the focal point of most activities in our community.  Outstanding recreation facilities, easy access and a variety of year round activities have resulted in Standley Park consistently ranking near the top of the list among the 30 Parks in the City of San Diego in terms of overall usage.

Among those activities are the July 4th UC Celebration and summer concerts which draw hundreds of community residents to Standley Park each year. Concerts are currently held on a portable stage, which is also used for many other events throughout the year.  It is a simple platform put together in 4×8 sections, which are heavy and cumbersome.  The small size of the total stage area limits the type of events that can be held on it, and with nothing overhead, it is completely open to the elements, which can also be a safety hazard.  Volunteers are recruited to set up and take down the stage each time it is used, posing additional safety hazards.

We propose to replace the temporary stage with a state of the art pavilion that will be the centerpiece of Standley Park. This will increase park usage and bring the community together for all types of events for many years to come.  The new pavilion will be located in the open space on the South side of the park facing Governor Drive as shown below.

Stage Location--new trees

With dimensions of approximately 30’ by 50’ and protection from sun and other elements, it will have broad appeal not only to the community at large, but also the two adjacent schools (Spreckels and Standley Middle School), and many other organizations that hold events at the park, such as Little League, Girls’ Softball, etc.  As shown above, it will blend into the existing landscape with an open design, using materials similar to those used in adjacent buildings.  The project will offer various types of donor recognition opportunities based on level of support. We are currently in the process of obtaining a building permit for the project and, assuming a successful capital campaign during the coming year, we expect to complete construction by the end of 2015.

We are currently accepting pledges for this project that will be collected when we have sufficient funds to begin construction.  Please click here to make a pledge and thanks for your support.