Most Recent Survey Results


 Community Survey Results Summary

As of October 2, 2013


128 responses to date

Requested a ranking from 1-5 on 5 different types of projects, with 1 being highest priority and 5 being lowest.

Percentages in category 1 and 2 combined for each of the project types were as follows:

Improve parks = 64%

Improve medians and sidewalks = 55%

Improve recreation facilities = 49%

More community activities = 32%

Improve signage = 23%


Respondents demographic profile:

66% of respondents provided demographic information.  Of those:

100% were residents of UC

83% lived in South UC

56% had children living at home

11% owned a business in UC

Years living in UC:  44% 10 years or less

                                 25% 10-20 years

                                 31% more than 20 years

Age:   8% 18-34

          49% 35-54

          43% over 55

Summary of other comments and suggestions

A.  Comments relating to potential UCCF projects:

1.   Community needs a “makeover”

2.   Community entry points are an embarrassment

3.   More benches in the park; more trees (Birdrock as model)

4.   Improve medians—take out blacktop; install water lines and landscaping (Liberty Station as model)

5.   Community stage at Standley Park


B.  Other comments:

1.   Build the bridge

2.   Don’t build the bridge

3.   Enforcement of speed limits and regulations relating to keeping sidewalks clean and clear;

4.   Do more to facilitate walking and biking;

5.   Upgrade Swanson Pool;

6.   Bathrooms in Marcy Park;

7.   Fire Station in South UC

8.   Improve pedestrian safety at major intersections;

9.   Put all utility lines underground.